tUESDAY, a god day for poetry.  Some grat verses have been poasted and I enjoy them.  The following is my contribution for Poetry Tuesday.  I wrote this a number of years ago.  I have gotten away form verse, something should explore a little more often.  Hope you enjoy…john.

The Path Slopes

The path slopes below, a verdant bottom

Across a dotted mesa, above clouds

Striding the colors, shape silence

In rapture I thank my creator

The morning radiance, glowing horizon

God’s new day — I savor

Walking a gentle path, gaze skyward

The warmth of God’s sun upon my face.

I look across the valley

The sculpture’s hand – God’s

The picture stays with me

God’s love I walk in




5 thoughts on “A PATH SLOPES

  1. Awesome!!!! I love the line about the picture staying with you. It seems that the things I remember the best are the awesome works of nature.

  2. Nice poem John! I guess it is that time of the year when we all pay more than ususal attention, to the things and people that soround us.Take care and have a vey nice evening. Alex x

  3. What a wonderful and meaningful poem, filled with images and inspiration. An offering of Praise and worship to our God and Creator. I loved reading this poem and the picture you painted is so beautiful. Thankyou John and I look forward to reading more of your poems in the future. Thankyou so much for stopping by with your encouraging words. They mean alot to mean. Bless you and have a wonderful weekend.Dianne :)

  4. Thank you for reminder of how it feels to walk in God’s love, what a world created — everything given so freely and with so much delight and variety. Enjoyed the word imagery. Thank you for sharing.

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