Weather To be Or to be…..

The foilbles of spring weather.  Clear sunny, sunburn days ro thunderstorms and snow.  This past week has been all four seasons.  First part of the week was in the 70’s and sunny and I got a mild sunburn.  The wind would roll the clouds abouts the next.  The temperature  from the 50’s and 60’s.  Friday was overcast and cool in the 40;s.  Rain showed up mid day with the wind rearranging the tumbleweeds.  That evening was lightening and thunder with hail.  this morning it was white, the sky was white, the trees were white, the bushes were shite and the ground was white.  This afternoon it is windy and scudding clouds with patches of blue.  Maybe freezing tonight.  The seasons change in a moment, do not blink, I might miss summer.
This little stream I refer to as Boot Hill Crick.  It drains the hill that the cemetary is on.  Normally it is dry but after the rain and snow it is running about two feet deep.  It doesn’t hold water long enough to even go froging.
Inbetwen showers yesterday these little birds would show up looking for bird seed.  The one in the feeder didn’t have much luck.  The wind blew most of the seed out.  The one hopping on the ground was haveing a bountiful meal.
The weather ebbs and flows in unusual rhythems this time of year.  This morning the birds were huddled in their perches shivering in the snow.  This afternoon they were back out looking for the evening meal.

4 thoughts on “Weather To be Or to be…..

  1. Oh, that’s a dramatic weather change ! I bet nobody’s happy about that !!!Take care!!! Have a wonderful weekend and keep warm. Alex

  2. YVR also greatly unsettled. Cherry blossoms trees out one month late but there’s always a cold bit to the wind. Last two years have not been typical YVR springtimes. I can remember gardening in YVR by January 10th and now it’s not yet possible. Cold winter tookout my plants on back porch. Gardening sales down as we wait to see when weather will stabilize. So, yes, we too might blink and miss summer. Keep the raingear handy.

  3. this is the best spring here in long time. the plants are really happy. its been spring instaed of going from winter straight to summer with only a weekend of spring. oregon caost has spring weather like that. snow, rain, fog, and sun all in one day, often as early as january.i get lots practice taking pictures. i like doing it. but i do take many to get one or two good ones. i look forward to upgrading to a better camera yet again. but i still like this camera.kïrstin☼

  4. As much as I don’t like the cold of winter, I think the time in spring when the weather can’t make up it’s mind is the worst. I think spring has finally come to my neck of the woods. It gets to a low in the 40s at night and days get to at at least the upper 50s. Yesterday was great. It was in the 70s and I finally got a chance to go outside and do some work.

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