Birds of Spring

Yes spring is in full bloom.  The birds are posturing and the males are having discussions on which one will mate with the females.  Helocoptering in to the air, swirling, diving and the antics of full aerial combat.  Which ever male can dominate the other gets the pleasure of then chasing the female, that’s another sight. 
There are a few trees and some junky stuff next door for the birds to hang out in.  The Kingbirds are probably the most active right now.   Swirling up in the air, cackling at each other, spinning turning, twisting, trying to get the advantage.  Then there is the doves.  They land to feed at the feeder and the male hops by the female..  Indifferent the female hops away, the male jumps next to here.  Again the female hops away.  On and on it goes, across the yard, hopping thru the rocks, over the sand pile.  Soon the female flys away and the male….well….it sets there.
Then there were the hawks.  Circling high into the sky nearby another one comes swooping down.  Grabbing each other they engage.  A mass of feathers swirling, the birds twiting, circling, locked on each other.  round and round they in a death spiral.  Right into the shoulder they crash.  One hops up immediately.  The other stunned fromn the crash, struggles upright anf jumps into the air in hot pursuit.
That was some serious combat, to stay locked together until they crashed.  Most conflicts are posturing and tugging.  These two went into a death dive, not letting go.  All for the lust of a female to mate with.  Till death do they part???


The little sparrows hang around the feeder and have some chatteering discussions as they try to keep others from their food supply.  Their discussions are noisy and brief short chases.  The grackles come in for a moment and the little birds hop at a distance and wait for the big noisey birds to get out of the way then back to the feeder.  The play of nature never has an encore for it is a play for eternity.


Along with birds being a little wild this poor badger is probably a little mad.  This was e-mailed to me,  Next time, bet the badger finds another place to snooze.

By the way, it is not DEAD 


6 thoughts on “Birds of Spring

  1. I love the way you descibed everything. It was like I could sit here and watch the birds. And I really love your last sentence. While the life in nature goes through cycles, it never ends.

  2. awwwwwwww, they are so nice, John!!! Hehehe … mating time – Spring. And when the young come out … even cutter !!! And those hawks … always somebody to spoil the peace and happines !!! Sorry, the last two pictures are missing !!!Take care! Alex

  3. I so enjoyed reading this John.I watch the birds play here where I live and it brings such peace and a good feeling as they fly in and out of the trees in spring that grow so green. I wrote a poem about the trees, just a little happy poem. I think I’ll post it for everyone. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for your blog my friend. Love and LightSteve

  4. Great post John. I really like the pictures too.I could not believe the weather forecast for CO!!Hope the snow won’t ruin the buds.

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