Cabin Fever

There are times when Cabin Fever shows up and I have to get a good dose of medcine.  Yesterday was one of those days.  The morning dawned clear a smattering of clouds, light breeze and blue, blue, azure sky.  Oh it was gorgeous and i had to  take care of a few things.  It wasn’t till afternoon when I could get free.  The feet were itching, the hair was crawling and the gray matter, it was gone.  I loaded up the dogs and stuff and headed off for my dose of medcine. 
By afternoon some high clouds had rolled in and there were more of the fluffy white spots floating across the blue face.  I rolled along the dirt road and was passed by a herd of snails, pace.  The birds were chirping and the distinct sound of the Meadowlark rolled across the prairie.  It was a great time in the vacant space of pastures.
Stopped and walked the ditch, let the dogs run in the pasture.  Birds flutering from shurb to shrub, a nine line gournd squirel ran for its burrow, there were a few ducks on the pond.  The breeze gently caressed the face.  The medcine was working.  Cabin fever was somwhere in the boots.  In the distance the shadows of the clouds danced on the far bluffs, traces of snow could be seen in the cuts on the northern ridge, dancing clouds. 
A little further and cabin fever was lost.  I will not miss it but I loved the medcine.
For miles I could look over the horizon, rolling plains and a blue horizon.  The nearest house was a ranch house a few miles that away.  It is a magic moment to look out at God’s creation.  To pause and be still and tell God thank you for His creation.  I drove real slow, walked some and at times just sat there.
when walking though I have to be careful of my steps there are sharp objects in among the grasses.  With some more moisture and warmer temperatures the cacti should be blooing shortly.
Beyond the bluff is the headwaters of the Republican River.  It flows to the northeast. the basin I’m in flows to the southeast, Big Sandy River.  It seems forever to roll on ward.  There is no end.  Small farm ponds formed by dams create a respit an sustance for the native creatures of the high prairie.  Yes i was good medcine to break the fever of the cabin.
The little dogs go along sniffing at everything.  A joy for them to cruise the pasture, exploring new scents.  While overhead a hawk floats enjoying the peacful day.  Medcine like this I can take real easy.  Maybe have to find another case of fever.

5 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. Gee the land certainly looks dry and parched. What a beautiful day you had with the dogs. Have a great week My Lady

  2. Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing some of your medicine with me through the pictures. I hope the weather is nice enough this weekend I can get out and get a real dose. May you have a blessed week.

  3. Pictures were great medicine for me! No trees? Wow lots of space. The cactus looked like cinnimon cactilike we had in Nevada.

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