While working on the computer other evening I glanced out the front window.  There in the field across the raod were these visitors, checking out the browse in the neighbors field.


7 thoughts on “Visitors

  1. Oh what a dream to look out your window and see such beauty . Hope you had a great Easter Weekend, John.Instead of seeing Bunnies , you were seeing deer. Love it!Take care and thankyou for sharing these lovely photos.Dianne :)

  2. Very cool!!!! These are the nice kind of visitors … unless they get in your garden. That’s one reason I really like living outside of town like I do. I get all kinds of critters stopping by to visit.

  3. Wow you have really interesting guests. My cousins were in town this weekend. Thank you for sharing and reminding that there is a natural world. Always enjoy the nature you showcase. Take care John.

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