Drifting Snow

With a blizzard there is snow with wind.  Makes for some dramatic snow drifts afterwards.  Snow fences are built along roadways and RR tracks and they do their job.  Snoe is collected in long rollingdrifts.  The swirls and twits depend on how the wind was blowing.  This past week we had a small blizzard, enough to close the highway for a day.  Travel was interesting at times.  White outs are the danger of being out in blowing snow.  There is no visibility and driving oof the road is real easy.
Thes pictures were taken the day after the wind let let up.  Catching the shape of drifts is not easy.  The white makes things very one dimensional.  Polarizing filter darkens the shadows and gives a good contrast.  i don’t have one for thedigital so I had to tweak the photos in the computer.  In the back ground can be seen the edge of the snow fence.  These drifts are about 4-5 feet deep, 1-1.5 meters. and the fence stretched about a mile by the road, 1.5 kilometers.
The wind made some nice swirls, curls and overhangs.  The snow was rolled up in a twisted crescent style roll. 
Hope you enjoy….john
The sky was clear that day and the snow reflected the blue sky.  I don’t believe there was a clound  that day,  clear azure blue.  After the blowing cold days before it was great.

4 thoughts on “Drifting Snow

  1. BRRRR …. BRRRRR …. BRRRRRThe pictures are nice, but aren’t you tired of snow? When is it ending there?Take care and keep warm. Alex x

  2. Canada, yeah no wonder then. We did have snow these days.PS. I thoght you live in US !!! Where are you from?Alex x

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