I was sorting through some of my old family photographs.  A few go back to the 30’s but they all had a story.  A time before me …way before me but it was my family in the early years.  It made me consider the importance of photographs.  Family members, but also places and things.  So many things change but in a picture one can see what it was like for previous generations.  Buildings are torn down, new ones built, clothes change, cars are different and some things disappear.
Letters are seldom preserved, there are a few diaries and what most people write today is electronic and short lived.  Years ago I had a girlfried when I was  in the Army and we wrote to each other.  I kept them for some years until I married a different women, into the trash.  Now I wish I would of kept them for various reasons.  for me this is why photos are becoming important.  It is something that can be passed on  and it is a history, allbeit mine. 
Over the years I have taken thousands of pictures, mostly of places and things.  There are the pictures of the ex and juvenille, plus the cats and dogs.  Some of these pictures will find there way into their hands.  Other pictures will go some other place….  There is a posteriety, a record I will leave behind.  My stories and letters will shrivel, the puter will hold them and on discs but will they take the time to read them…..who knows????   Pictures though they will sit and look at them, set them into a slide show.
This past year i have taken about 3000 pictures of various events, places and things.  I take time to sort them out in folders on occasion and with digital it is time consuming but when I get them on disc they make a pretty good show.
With the point and shoot digital camera, taking pictures is so much easier.  The days of the out of focus 35mm are gone, as are the over/under exposed pictures.  Those times are precious also.  In the store room there are about 10,000 slides from around the country.  someday those will be on a disc.  The thing is make a small record.  I cherish the small one from my early family.
There are memories to be relived forever.

5 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I got energetic last year and emptied out my photo albums from my 50 years of marriage and scanned many hundreds of them all into the computer and put them on DVDs. I made 2 SVCDs of photos set to music that can be played on a dvd player and watched on the HD TV.

  2. You are so right. I always say I will make a cd and never do. By golly I should do it beforeI forget. Your pictures are wonderful John. Hope to see more.

  3. Amany is wrote:I agree with about what u wrote but sometimes the human’s historical had something was bad so u don’t have to remember it so live the best and leave the rest 4 God

  4. It’s cool you hold onto those pictures and want to pass them on. It will be nice for other members of your family to sit and look through them. Since I began working on my family history, I tell everyone I talk to that if they have pictures, letters, anything they decide they don’t want to give them to me before throwing them away. It’s always fun for me to add faces to the names and dates. If I ever decide to stop working on the history and no one in the family wants what I’ve collected, I’m donated the whole kit and kaboodle to the genealogy societies most appropriate for whatever family line it is.

  5. Hiya…Its strange but i have been doing the same this past week..I Have many boxes in my lofts, I call them my memory boxes. They go back to the day I was born and have been added to many times over the years;photographs, letters, special toys, books…I even have all of my schoolwork from my first day up until I left along with the reports too. I also have boxes for my kids too, that I shall give them when they grow up and have families of their own…call it sentimental if you like but I wouldn’t feel complete without these things as they have always been there…xx

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