Prairie Flowers

With the spring snows comes the flowers.  The prickly pear cacti produce a very colorful bloom.  With the needles kind of hard to pick and pit in a vase.  With the camera their beauty can be captured.  If we get more moisture and some heat the pastures will be speckled with yellow and pink.  The roses of the grasslands.


Their needles making walking the pasture and adventure at times.  Have to walk one looking down.  Step on one of these things and the foot knows it.  The beauty of the prickly things are amazing.

The plains were known as the great American desert.  So most people traveld thru as fast as possible.  The mountains are on the western edge of the paririe and this is the destination for most people.  The spendor of the mountains blind most people to what the prairie has.  For the person that will pause and spend some time the plains have a vast array of wildlife and grasses.  Because there are few trees the area looks empty, yet the plains has one of the largest varieties of birds in the world.  The weather can change rapidly.  Yesterday the high was 31 degrees F., today it was 60 degrees F.  Almost a 30 degree swing.  The vastness is all emcompassing and intimidates some people.

   There is a beauty here for those who pause and seek.



3 thoughts on “Prairie Flowers

  1. They say the most beautiful are also the most dangerous…don’t fancy finding out via these lovely looking cacti…It certainly is a lovely part of the world you live in….xx

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