snow drifts

Had the pleasure of sitting through a samll blizzard this past week.  The snow is deperately needed.  Only problem is it was horizontal snow.  Where there was something to stop it some nice drifts formed.  There just wasn’t enough snow to make nice big drifts.  There is a vacant lot at the end of the street with a chicken coop.  The woner uses it for storage.  Along the alley is equipment and old machinery stacked by the fence.  Great dwellings for little critters.  The fence and equipment made some nice drifts.
As I ventured down the alley my two little black mutts followed.  At first they were hesitant because they could not get through the drifts.  Finally the male jumped through the snow.  Theis gave the little female some courage.  With some extra effort she hopped and jumped in and out of the snow.  A little black snow plow bucking the drift.  Where one goes the other is some where close.
It’s springtime on the high plains.  Great day to venture out in the white stuff.

8 thoughts on “snow drifts

  1. Nice pictures John!!! But I’ve seen it here too much already !!!Now that is completely gone, I am really happy.Take care and keep warm. Alex

  2. Hi John, thaks for the comment and good thoughts, we need more people expressing themselves positively so we know where we stand and how to work towards common goals and understanding. One man’s curse is another’s blessing. The Southeast, my second hometown, has been in the grips of major drought for a decade or longer now, southern California likewise. All this snow, ice, and rain this spring is going to replenish the water tables in the North and Great Plains and the excess will flow south where it is desperately needed. It will take a few "wet" winters to fix all this, and better river management as we seem to like daming everything. I love the pictures and while it may not seem like it now the snow and cold will help the parched fields refresh. That will increase everything up the food chain, the cycle goes on. Great photos and a perfect way to make lemonaid out of lemons.

  3. Ah, late Spring snow. Photograph of the drifts just lovely. Understand how snow needed and hope moisture gets into the ground before evaporating! Thanks for taking us along on your walks John. Wishes for a lovely day.

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