More Old Buildings

This old building I came across by accident.  I was off to take pictures of something else and on the side of the road stood this building.  Not sure what it was.  Looks like it could of been a one room school building or a church.  Doubt it was a home as there are no other stuctures near by.  The barren tree makes a nice touch and canopy.  A schoolhouse, church…..hummmm maybe a community building….Grange hall?  What it is, it has a story.  Does the wind whisper at night, apparitions float by, squeals of children playing, parents visiting…….it will slowly fade

3 thoughts on “More Old Buildings

  1. Great pictures John. If only the building could talk, what tales it might tell. Because of the front of it it looks like some of the old schoolhouses in my area.

  2. Great pictures! I really like the way you converted it to black and white. I’ve seen buildings like this when my mom and I go to Tennessee to visit her family. She points out the old buildings and tells me what they were or who lived there when she was a kid. Usually the ones she’d show me like this were schoolhouses and the small room at the front would serve as the coat room where the kids would leave their coats and muddy boots, if they were "rich" enough to afford such luxuaries. During those days, many schools doubled as churches or vice versa.

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