springs gifts

Driving the dirt roads I time to pause and watch the life of the grasslands go about their business of life.
    The little plover was in a wheat field chasing bugs.  It sat there and watched me with one eye and the bug with the other eye.
It did catch the bug for a tasty morsel and stood there looking at the intruding human

4 thoughts on “springs gifts

  1. We have Killdeer in our backyard every year. They have even nested in our big gravel driveway. They are an interesting bird pretending to be hurt to attract preditors away from her nest. Nice photo.

  2. Hey there Toodie, I grew up with Killdeer (a Plover) just accross the street from my Mom’s house, and I always loved being led away from the nest by the mock wounded bird. Oh and btw I am watching for the volcano interruption, but it seems it is choosing to slumber now rather than rumble.Hugs from a snowy Alaska

  3. @ Dianne: plovers are a widely distributed group of wading birds or shorebirds.If you Google it, you’ll find interesting things about this bird! Nice pic John! Thanks for sharing … ummm I should say … thanks for the spring gift!!!Have a great week!!! Alex

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