A Last Look at the Frost of Winter

Spring brings forth, flowers, babies and sunburns.  It can not be enjoyed with out a reminder of the cold blast of winters breath
High on the continental divide of Rocky Mountain National Park it will be winter for a few more weeks.  This summer when it is roasting rember the icy fingers of winter to cool off.
During the heat of summer these are such good reminders of the frigid days of winter.  The howl of the wind screeching across the face, around the body and the tail shivering.  Soon these cold days will be welcomed again but for just a brief time.  Tomorrow give me a beach chair and a tree to sit by, a cold glass of …., a good companion to visit with, listen to the birds chirp and oh…..pass the tanning lotion.
      Everybody have a good spring.

8 thoughts on “A Last Look at the Frost of Winter

  1. WAW!!!! The pics look great! Thank you. But I’ve just DECIDED: SPRING AND ONLY SPRING in my mind and heart.No more winter, no snow, no rain, no nothing …. ONLY SUN, FLOWERS, BIRDS CHIRP, yeah I love all these!!!!Wish you a very nice weekend and take care! Alex.

  2. These pictures are absolutely stunning!! We don’t have views like this where I live, but we do have the cold LOLI love Spring, and being reminded of the cold of winter, makes you appreciate the warmer weather that is hopefully on its way…xx

  3. Good Morning John, I enjoyed your blog and the photos are beautiful. I am so glad all our snow has vanished for now , and a new season is upon us. Have a great day John.Dianne :)

  4. Wonderful pictures John. It is more like winter here today then spring.Thank you so much for stopping by my space and leaving a comment.

  5. Oh ya, you have to have the winter to really appreciate other seasons. The pictures are breath taking John. Is this your view? How wonderful. We have hills an dales and hollars but not like that. Wow!

  6. Beautiful photos. What a backyard you must have! Yes, will be wanting cold when YVR gets unbearably hot and smoggy. Have a lovely weekend. God bless.

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