Have A Great Week

Sunday was a wonderful day, the sun was out not a cloud to obscure the sun.  There are new green things poking up through the dirt and there are new babies parading.  Tomorrow is supposed to be better.  Couldn’t ask for more but the weatherman is predicting mid 60’s.  A beautiful day to be alive.  Where ever you may be I hope the Lord will bless your week and that you may a prosperous week.
Have a great week

4 thoughts on “Have A Great Week

  1. Yes, it was a very wonderful day. Sunshine along with the Lords word gives hope.Have a truly blessed week my friend.

  2. 10 degrees here yesterday, and though the sun was shining…was still really cold. Can’t wait for Spring to come in its full glory, the changes that come always seem to bring hope too :):)Enjoy your day :)maria xx

  3. We have a glorious day I might say … sunny, warm … This is called HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!Take care and have an excellent week!!! Alex

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