Down the road we go, past the pastures.  Horses coming up an sniffing, looking for a treat.  The next pasture the minature horses look up and trot over to the fence to check things out.  The donkey looks forlorn.  Along the road we pad along, the roster comes out and crows at us, the goats jump up on the cable reel, to get a better look.  The path curves over a crick, water puddles in the drainage, a few trees sturggle to grow.  To the right is a gravel road.  Across the road we jog.  Into the ditch they travel, sniffing at every little spot.  Jumping to the next scent, that one needs some watering.  In and out of the ditch, nose to the scent trail.. Here is a good spot to leave some fertilizer.  Who left that fertilizer, a sniff and on to the next scent.  the walk continunes to the end of path.  Across the trail for the return route.  More weeds to sniff through.  A quick burst up the trail, stop suddenly, go back, sniff, sniff.  A place to deposit some water.  Hop, jump and a scratch, run to the next spot, gotta explore all of the scents my brethern left.


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